Afro-Peruvian Jazz Vocalist Corina Bartra, Appears August 14 with Quartet & August 18 with 11-Piece Orquestra

Afro-Peruvian Jazz Vocalist Corina Bartra performs twice in the coming week in concert with the release of her new album featuring groundbreaking jazz and Afro-Latin Fusion with Kirk Lightsey, piano; Santi Debriano, bass; Clifford Barbaro, drums, Pucho Salas and Perico Diaz. On August 14, Ms. Bartra performs with her Afro Peruvian Jazz Quartet at the Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium, Bahai Center, University Place, New York City. Then, on August 18, at 8:00 PM, she will appear with her 11-Piece Orquestra, at the Latino Arts Festival, Queens Theater in the Park, 14 United Nations Avenue South, Queens, New York.

We catch a glimpse of Corina Bartra’s versatility as a singer and composer by listening to this wonderful and new edition of Corina Bartra Quartet. On her opening tune: Come on and dance. the band which features the dynamic band of Kirk lightsey, Santi Debriano, Clifford Barbaro, Pucho Salas, and Perico Diaz swings effortlessly from start to finish, blending with her vibrant voice.

A sophisticated jazz and contemporary world singer from Peru?  -Yes, Peru. In the last 100 years jazz has spread to every section of the globe, bringing forth fine Latin jazz musicians from New York, Cuba and Brazil. And if you haven’t already heard about her…Corina Bartra from Peru. Her personal interpretation of Duke Ellington’s “In My Solitude,” touches us intimately through emotional intensity and deep expression so characteristic of her style. She is a singer who lives up to the best qualities implied in the term: jazz singer. In her interpretation of Midnight Sun, by Burke/Mercer/ and Hampton, she achieves a transparent and moving sound. In “Faraway,” another beautiful original of hers, we can appreciate the sensitive and lyrical bowing of bassist Santi Debriano, supporting in the intro Bartra’s unique way of communicating the vastness of space. There is an interesting change of rhythm and tempo in the second phrase of the tune that is characteristic of her style and technique. “Invitation” creates a soothing and intriguing moment. It features Rory Stuart on guitar, and his playing flows intimately throughout the song. Perico Diaz provides a landó groove with his cajón playing in the background.There are other magnificent tunes and interpretations which are delightful to listen to in this excellent CD?This CD is a unique and particularly welcome addition to collectors and appreciating listeners.

Corina Bartra is an original. When she proposed to blend jazz with Afro-Peruvian & Creole music from Peru, her sound was unprecedented. She has pioneered a ground-breaking fusion of jazz and Afro Latin music with her releases: Corina Bartra Quartet, Son Zumbon, Travelog, and Bambu Sun, where for the first time one could hear the incorporation of the cajon (Peruvian percussive box) and the festejo groove blended with jazz.

Corina was the first vocalist to blend Afro-Peruvian criolla music from Peru with Jazz. She also incorporates subtle and exciting instrumental textures into her compositions and arrangements. Corina writes extensive intros, interludes, and solos filled with inventive rhythms and beautiful harmonies, and guides her musicians to do the same.

Like many of the jazz masters before her, Corina Bartra resides in the New York area (when she is not in Peru) where she not only performs, but also continues studying the works of all those artists who came before her, helping to build the international sound of jazz to what it is today. Her previous album, Bambu Sun, received frequent airplay nationwide and topped the charts at several radio stations. Ms. Bartraa also received airplay in Europe and Peru, where she is an influential artist. The Peruvian newspaper El Comercio hailed Corina Bartra as a pioneer and the international ambassador of Afro-Peruvian Jazz. Several jazz radio stations around the world aired her album Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration. She will be appearing with a quartet at the Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium at University Place in Manhattan on Augost 14, and at the Latino Arts Festival at Queens Theater in the Park on Augost 18 with an 11 piece orquestra in New York. She will also be touring in Europe, Mexico, and Peru.

Corina Bartra has a Bachelor of Fine Art in drum performance from Long Island University, a Jazz Diploma in African Music from Mannes College of Music, and a Master in vocal performance from Queens College. Corina was also the recipient of the prestigious Queens Council on the Arts award in 2008.

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