Decades of Jazz Music

The Influence of Jazz Music

Both jazz and blues music have a strong foundation and have been a driving force on the music scene since the start of the 20th century. Many musicians from all genres often talk about listening to and being inspired by jazz musicians. While the number of artists seems to have dwindled over the years, there is a love for it and there is a very strong history behind all of it.

The freedom to incorporate other styles of music into jazz has allowed it to grow and to brand out. What is very interesting about it is where you listen to it, there can be differences due to the culture and surroundings. For those who often travel to see various jazz festivals in various parts of the country, this is quite evident. They are able to embrace and appreciate those differences.

Rock n Roll Influence

When rock n roll was introduced in the 1950’s, no one could have guessed it would be what it is today. However, when you look back at the early music, it was influenced by jazz and the blues. It just took on a faster beat in many instances, and the use of the guitar was used rather than all the horns. In fact, if you listen to some music from that era, it can be hard to identify exactly which one it is – jazz or rock n roll – as they are so intertwined!

The rhythms are very similar for the two, but one significant difference with rock n roll is the drums and how they control the beat. This was designed to give younger audience something different to listen to that was uniquely their own. When you think about it, each generation wants to love and embrace music they are passionate about. They do gather influence from their parents and grandparent music too, but they want their own.

Hip Hop

While the sound of hip hop is different from jazz, listen to the lyrics. Both offer a straightforward type of storytelling. You will see themes that are dark, about society, and even about difficult times. The lyrics aren’t always about happy thing and happy people. Yet they can often reflect true situations in society and even controversial concerns as well. You can’t help but be drawn in by the narratives offered with both hip hop and jazz music.


There is quite a bit of diversity that falls under the umbrella of R&B. This includes the disco era of the 70’s. How does that relate to jazz? The vocal style are very similar in the way they evoke emotions. The way in which the voice bends on various notice is interesting to compare for music enthusiasts.


No matter what type of music you listen to or you perform, the harmony is always inviting and a big part of what makes a song stick in your head. You may not remember all of the words to the verses, but you know that hook when it comes on the radio and you can easily sing it word for word.


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