Enjoy a Local Jazz Festival

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Jazz Music Festivals

There are plenty of wonderful jazz music festivals to explore. This can be a fun way to engage in the music and to also share it with others. They may have limited exposure so they will appreciate you introducing them to something new. Such music often includes plenty of horns that you will find to be amazing. The music is upbeat and soothing at the same time.

Hopefully, you are lucky enough to have some of these events in your area held regularly. Many of them are free to attend and others cost a small fee for attendance. It can be a great way to enjoy a family night out at the park listening to music or you can take someone special on a date to hear the music with you. Here are some of the best festivals you may be interested in checking out.


There is an annual jazz music festival in Telluride, Colorado held each year. This is a three day event, featuring a variety of bands on the stage. You can purchase tickets for all three days or single days. In addition to the music, there are vendors selling merchandise and plenty of food to try. It is a great deal of fun and a very relaxing atmosphere. It takes place in early August.

Jazz in the Gardens

Central Park is a great place to visit, and it is even more enticing when there is a concert taking place. Jazz in the Gardens is a two day even each March that takes place there. It is a vast celebration, attracting very large crowds. Some people come to the area annually just for this event. Others are locals who put it on their calendar and come out to share in the fun. There are also tourists at Central Park who just happen to be there the same day, and they stay to hear the delightful music.

Jazz and Heritage Festival

The history of jazz music is very deep in the area of New Orleans, and this festival is one of the most popular to experience it. It takes place two full weekends in April, and has a lineup of the most popular artists know in this genre of music.

Beal Street

Memphis is another key contributing area to the history of jazz music. They host a month long event in May. It is one of the largest and lengthiest of all these possible options to visit. People come from near and far to take part in this one. It continues to get bigger and better every year with plenty of perks and entertainers.

Rochester International Jazz Festival

An explosive place to take it all in is the 9 day festiveal held in Rochester, NY. This is a festival with a line up that takes place all day and well into the evening. They have 13 stages and there will be more than 200 concerts performed on them by the time the week is over. This is an incredible experience, even if you can only go for a day or two.



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